Guadalupe-RengifoMs. Guadalupe Rengifo, Co-Founder

After her experience back when she took many courses in Early Child Education, then opened her own home day care.   While educating the children at the home day care she discovered the Montessori Philosophy.  She saw that children held within them something wonderful, something so special that it could be the key to changing the world. She saw that they were inherently good and that, if allowed to develop freely, they felt connected to everything and were naturally caring to each other and the world around them. The more that she worked with the children, the more convinced she was that they had precise inner guides and that the work of adults was to help them to be all that they could be. She felt that it was the spiritual nature of children that had been forgotten and denied and that children could therefore show adults the way to return to a more meaningful, holistic way of living.

After graduating Guadalupe (Lupita) opened Discovering Minds Montessori.  The School has been recognized as one of the best schools in Toronto where colleges send their students to do their practices.


Mr. Roger Brook, Montessori Director, RECE, Lower Elementary

Alirio Rengifo (Director / Administrator)