Hello. Thank you to all of the teachers and staff at DMMS for hosting us on Thursday and Friday night! It’s always great to have a peak inside of the school environment, the 2nd home to our children. Edouard found the elementary presentations informative, and even though I have heard much of the Casa information during Tiako’s years, I still found it a great refresher/reminder in the context of Aina’s world.
Hi…I just wanted to Thank You so much for having Jasmine spend the day there. She really enjoyed it; she thought that her grandfather picked her up too early (: which tells me the day went by way too quickly for her. She will always have a connection to Discovering Minds and all the staff; you have all made positive memories and have given her important life lessons and for that we will never forget you. Thank You Thank You (for helping me raise a beautiful child) We will keep in Touch. With Love, Lucy and Jasmine.
Hello Lupita and Alirio. I hope this message finds you both well. We are all doing nicely and have some news. In January we are moving back to Italy! We are happy and excited. We speak of you all the time and Nisa would love to come for a visit – perhaps one day after school? we could be there by about 3:45. Is there a day that might work for you? .All my best. Elana
Thank you for sharing the video of Penelope! It was great seeing her complete one of the many learning activities she does throughout the day. A sincere thanks for all your hard work and for the love and care you show our daughter. Isabella
I am excited to officially share that Nick and I have purchased a house outside of the city. With our great joy, comes great sadness that Adrian and Julian will no longer be able to attend your school. The distance is simply too far.
We have been absolutely delighted and impressed with their advancement and education they have received at Discovering Minds. The boys are constantly sharing new things with us and we love hearing about all the interesting things they learned at school.
Discovering Minds has introduced us to the wonderful world of Montessori and we hope to continue their Montessori education in our new neighbourhood. Thank you to you and your staff for sparking their curiosity, intuition and yearning to learn.
We have not settled on a moving date thus far, but most likely Adrian and Julian’s last day will be Friday, Dec. 19th 2014. If anything changes and the boys will stay at your school into the new year, I will be sure to notify you immediately.

Thank you so much and see you soon!

Kindest Regards,